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End of the road

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Last week’s edition started rough killing my motivation.
It all started in the first 10 opens. Out of those first 10 opens. 2 unsubscribed. Setting up negative thoughts for the rest of the day.
I spent the next few days pondering if I should continue any of this.
I haven’t posted to Twitter or really been on there at all. I haven’t written at all. I been focusing on other things in my house.
Fast forward to yesterday, when I was getting ready to write this week’s issue. I looked at last week’s open rate. It was the highest it had been in 2 weeks.
This roller coaster ride has made me really think about the direction moving forward.
Is all of this really fun?
Am I here for the right reason?
What does the future hold?
If I’m being honest this isn’t my passion. I like writing but more than anything else I love to learn and build. But I hate to maintain.
I’ve come to the understand why I’m better at helping others than helping myself grow online.
There’s been a pattern of frustration over the past few months. I just think too damn much.
This being said, this will be the last newsletter to this email list. In the future, I may start another one but only when I have a topic I can talk about and helps someone.
I appreciate you being here for the ride.
With ❤️ From Nashville,

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Chad Underwood
Chad Underwood @chadunderwood

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