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Humility is the answer for connections





Creative Geeks
Hey Friend,
This week has been weird. It’s been the shortest and longest week in history.
Okay, maybe not history.
But you get it. Weird.
I was asked the question on Twitter, “What’s the newsletter about this week?”
I realized, “Oh man, I haven’t started writing and it’s Wednesday.”
Except it’s actually Tuesday.
How do you spell relief?
You ever had one of those weeks? We all have.
Every day starts to run into the next week. Before you know it another year has passed. Weeks like this week make me realize either I need to keep up with the days better.
Or start living with more intention.
The answer is always somewhere in the middle.

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The Power of Humility
Stories are the glue that bonds human emotions. Stories reach wider than anything else in writing. Sprinkle in humility and you have a connection like no other.
Humility is the multiplier for stories. It is what makes you mortal. People empathize with the up and downs of life.
Write for immortality.
Share humility for mortality.
People love to hear the crazy things happening in your life. They may remember the crazy and weird. But they’ll connect with the humiliation.
Think about the things you see about celebrities. It’s rare to see the great things they do for humanity. Do a search for a random celebrities donations.
I did a search for Kanye West donations. You’ll see article after article about the donations.
But do you ever hear of the donations? Of course not.
Instead you hear about his divorce or failures.
Why? Because of humility
Humility makes Kanye mortal. It brings his celebrity down to Earth. It makes him more like you and me. Kayne’s humility is what sells the click.
Now don’t take this as advice to share your deepest darkest secrets. Instead, this is meant to encourage you not be afraid to share your failures.
This humility could as simple as not knowing the day of the week or as big as losing everything. It’s up to you. It helps connect you to the people who need to hear your story. People can learn from your mistakes.
With ❤️ from Nashville,
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Chad Underwood
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