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Creative Geeks
Hey Friend,
I was thinking.
I swapped up the branding on the newsletter but never explained the meaning behind the change. Sooo, I got some ‘splaining to do.
Creative Geeks is the description for the audience I’m working to reach.
You know the Creative Geeks.
The people who love learning new ways of being a successful creative.
And geeks out on growing their online reach.
The goal saving you the time of scouring the internet to bring content to you to nerd out on.
I appreciate you trusting my help you on your journey.

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Always Have Something To Write.
Unpopular Opinion: Shortcuts Work
Been an eye opening week. I’ve been researching writing, like usual. I signed up for a newsletter. The freebie for it was a guide on how to write better headlines. The information contained in it was what you’d expect. 10 Way to do writer better headlines.
I’m sure if you’re like me you’ve seen these headlines recommended as what you should use. But my eyes were opened in these 2 sentences.
One of the worst ways you can torture yourself as a writer is to believe everything you do has to be original. Yes, it’s possible, but your work rate will be lousy, and the continuous pressure will give you a nervous breakdown.
The last sentence hit home.
I’ve been struggling with content for months. My ego wouldn’t let me see what’s right in front of me. “Use the work others have done for you. This is what will level you up.”
I have confidence in myself. I believe I can figure out anything. Figuring things out, for me, comes from many hours of research and thinking. I have the research but I’ve been over thinking all of it. I wouldn’t let myself copy the templates the “big guys” said works.
It seems too easy. You know because good things never come from shortcuts. Shortcut work for online writing. Don’t be afraid to use the shortcuts. Otherwise you’re wasting your time like I have been.
Holla at cha next week,
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