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It's an honor to crash and burn.

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Hey Friend,
Last Friday, I hit a major goal.
My work was published in a large publication on Medium. They have 230,000 subscribers. Like anything in life, there was no guarantee this article would do huge numbers.
And it didn’t.
But that’s not the point.
I’ve worked hard over the past 2 years to make my writing better. This is the exact motivation I needed. This small win will keep me going.
This honor affirms I’m headed in the right direction. They allowed me to send my words to their people. This is the important part. Their subscribers trust the publication to give them words worthy of their attention. What an honor.
Another honor is you allowing me to send my words to your inbox each week.
For this, I appreciate you.

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Crash and Burn your way into great stories.
This is an interesting way to look at writing. And I agree with him. Writer’s block is easy to get around. Assuming you have a method to get past it.
I’ve been reading the book Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks.
The book teaches the method the author used to create more stories. Then he started teaching others. The book is some of his stories and the things he teaches in the class.
One method he uses is called crash and burn. The crash and burn method is simple. For 10 minutes, you write down anything on your mind. If you get stuck, you can start writing colors, numbers, or car types. This helps you transition into useable material.
I’ve been doing this for a week now. There’s so many stories from my past buried deep in my memory. Things I haven’t thought about in years.
Using this helps me get the creative juices flowing. The writing created from this exercise is garbage. Like Seth said bad writing can be turned into good writing.
But the intention behind crash and burn isn’t writing your best work. It’s intention is for the ideas to be turned into stories.
The best writing includes stories from your experience. This is what connects the reader to what you’re trying to convey. Everyone loves a story.
Try this exercise and see what you can dig up.
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Chad Underwood
Chad Underwood @chadunderwood

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