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This week I’m digging a little into writing. If you don’t think you’re a good writer this is for you. There are 4 good steps to help you at the bottom.
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Edit your way to good writing
When I first started, I thought good writing had no grammatical errors.
I didn’t realize how much work good writing takes. After a few months of research (because sometimes I’m slow), I understood this was wrong.
I would write things and share them with the people closest to me. They would say how great the writing was. But they didn’t subscribe. I figured if the people closest to me wouldn’t subscribe, then I was doing something wrong. Boy was I right.
After studying good writers, I found all good writers have a massive writing process.
Here’s the basic process.
  1. Put everything in your mind on paper. When I say everything, I mean everything. Good, bad, and ugly. Don’t wait until the right time, do it as soon as you have the thought. Come back to it later.
  2. When you come back to the original writing, read through it. Now you want to make sure the thoughts connect and flow into each other. Start looking for unnecessary words (words if let out wouldn’t be missed). That and like are common words not needed to make a point.
  3. Now you want to read it aloud. Reading helps you find the parts with bad flow. If you stumble on a section so will the reader. These parts need to be rewritten until you don’t stumble.
  4. Now hit publish. You’re not a writer until you hit publish.
There are other things writers do but these 4 steps will improve your writing overnight.
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