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Howdy Friend,
Been a trying week. I’m coming off sickness. The kids have been sick. The wife and I are both running on fumes.
Tiredness ends up being a creative struggle. The times where I’m hardest on myself. I analyze and critique myself into procrastination.
I think a lot of this comes from imposter syndrome. I see others who are publishing their accolades and I don’t have any.
Sometimes, I have to remind myself all the people I’ve helped and no one else knows. The people with huge following who reach out to me for advice. Then I realize, “Chad, you know what you’re talking about.”
I share this to let you know, no matter where you are in your journey, give yourself credit. The online game is in its toddler stage. We are all just learning to walk. Things change too fast not too be.
I know it’s cliché, but the hardest days to show up are the most important days to show up.

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If you’re on Twitter you need a better way to compose and schedule threads. I use (affiliate) to schedule all of my threads. Write in a simple interface similar to a notepad.
Geeking Out
This week I’m geeking out on Typeshare. Typeshare was created for the #Ship30for30 crowd. Its a great spot for typing out threads and essays. This tool is what creates the picture essays you see the Ship30 crowd use.
But the best part is the templates. Nicolas Cole has shared 4 templates to help you write articles. These templates have helped me increase my output. I recommend you stop by and start using these templates.
Writing like a toddler
We have a toddler learning to walk. It’s fun to watch her. Every day she’s a little more daring. Sometimes she flops in the floor because she missed a step.
The first time a toddler starts to walk its one step at a time. After a few weeks they’re taking 5 steps. A month later they’re taking 20 or 30 steps. It happens so subtle you don’t even notice the gradual progress.
Toddlers learning to walk is reminiscent of my writer’s journey.
The commonality is persistence. Everyday, I practice trying to make writing become a natural habit. It’s getting easier with every stroke of the keyboard.
The first week I wrote a paragraph. Then I shot for 200 words daily. Now I’m working towards 500 words. Next I want to be writing consistent 1500 word articles.
Writing starts out shaky. Those first 200 words per day are hard. You sit down and everything goes blank. You struggle to get them done.
The more you practice it will become natural. Writing, like walking, is one step at a time. Before you know it, the practice morphs you into a writer.
All it takes is the persistence of a toddler walking.
With ❤️ from Nashville,
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